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About Toronto Stamp Inc.

On June 26th, 1907, Toronto Stamp and Stencil Works Limited was incorporated ...

(a) TO Carry on a general metal engraving business; (b) TO manufacture, buy, sell and otherwise dispose of railway, banking, company and office stamps, brass signs, memorial tablets, baggage and key checks, brass checks of all kinds, name plates, badges, steel and brass stamps, seals, stencils, brands and rubber stamps; (c) TO manufacture, sell, buy and generally deal in all materials used in the manufacture of any of the above described articles.

Much has changed over the last 106 years - however, stamps, stencils, nameplates, signs, tags and badges still represent over 80% of our business ... and Toronto Stamp remains proudly independent and 100% Canadian owned.  

Today, Toronto Stamp offers the most complete line of Custom Identification Products in Canada ... check us out at ...
Toronto Stamp sells 61 of the "Top 100 ReportOnBusiness" Canadian Companies plus all levels of government, health and educational institutions. We operate out of a modern 7,000 square foot facility at 120 Midwest Road. Our Sales Staff represents over 190 years of experience whose goal is a stress-free customer experience ... Custom ID Products arrive as ordered and on time. That's peace of mind. That's Toronto Stamp.
Simply stated, our goal is ... Fast Custom ID

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