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AutoStamp Self-Inking Stamps
The most compact self-inking stamp available ... the same day. Simply press down for a clear impression every time. The die automatically re-inks after every impression... always ready for use - no messy ink pad. 19 sizes.

AutoMark Pre-Inked Stamps
The re-inkable pre-inked stamp... available with Same Day Service! Featuring a heavy-duty, flat die plate to ensure even, consistent impressions. Microscopic ink cells hold enough ink for thousands of impressions. Supplied with a top index area and dust cover. 25 sizes.

Comes in 46 sizes ... easy to personalize to your needs. Convenient dust cover ... no more mess on the desk. Reversing the dust cover locks the stamp in place. Handles are treated with ANTIBAC ... reduces up to 99.99% of germs. Die is made from natural rubber for superior ink transfer. Mark It Stamps ordered before 10:00am are shipped the same day. Stamp pads available in 4 colours.   
Self-Inking Stamps
Heavy-duty metal frame. Ideal when efficiency and continuous daily use is required. Self-contained ink pad is always ready for use. 5 sizes.  
Stock Stamps
Stock Stamps    
No stamp pads. No messy hands. Thousands of impressions without re-inking. The built-in supply of ink keeps the stamp ready for instant use. Retractable frame keeps the stamp surface out of contact with desktop and papers.  

Rocker Stamps
Ideal for oversized stamps. Simply rock the stamp on the pad to ink and again rock the stamp on the document to be marked ... provides a far superior imprint with less effort than a traditional flat stamp mount. Oversized stamp pads available. 78 sizes available up to 8" x 8".

Pocket Stamps
Choose from the SlimStamp pre-inked stamp (8 sizes - 8 ink colours)  ... or ... the new StampMouse self-inking stamp (4 sizes - pad inked black). In either case, these portable stamps are always with you in a pocket or purse.  

Inspection Stamps
Choose from 6 styles - UltiFast Pre-Inked Inspection Stamp - AutoMark Pre-Inked Inspection Stamp - AutoMark Pre-Inked Pencil Cap Stamp - Mini AutoStamps - Xstamper Inspection Date Stamp - Dural Inspection Stamp.  

The pre-inked stamp with SureGrip ... concave soft rubber gripping surface. 50,000 impressions before re-inking. 15 sizes ... 5 ink colours. Also available in pocket, pencil cap and inspection styles.

Seal Presses
Provide clean, crisp raised impressions. Four styles available: Desk Seal Press - Pocket Seal Press - Embosser - Artistic Seal Press. 1-5/8" and 2" sizes.  Traditional cast iron available in 1-3/4" size.

Re-Use Program
Send back your stamps and daters for re-use. We'll change the die ... install a new pad on AutoStamps, AutoDaters and Self-Inkers ... replace the ink cartridge on AutoMarks ... AND give you a Re-Use Credit. Ask about our Un-Loved and Pre-Loved Programs.

  Date Stamps
The same features that have made the AutoStamp so popular is available with changeable dates. 7 sizes ... pad inked black or red.  Time & Date Stamp in 12 or 24 hour versions. Handle AutoDater also available in 2 sizes.

AutoMark Pre-Inked Dater        
The re-inkable Pre-Inked Dater ... available with SAME DAY SERVICE! Featuring a heavy-duty, flat die plate to ensure even, consistent impressions. Supplied with a top index and dust cover. Copy prints in your choice of 8 colours ... date prints red.  

Self-Inking Dater
Heavy-duty metal frame. Automatically re-inks after every impression ... always ready to use ... speeds up the dating of forms and eliminates operator fatique. 5 sizes.  

Date Stamps
Date Stamps     
Knurled wheels easily turn the bands to the desired date. Bands are deeply molded giving a clear impression every time. Prints month, day and year. Character sizes from 1/8" to 3/4". Self-Inker style in character sizes up to 1/2".  

Flat Band Die Plate Daters
Just one impression and you will appreciate it's light weight yet strong construction. Simply flip open the die plate to change the date bands. The date is locked securely in the close fitting slot giving maximum space for copy. 4 standard sizes ... plus custom sizes up to 4" x 3-1/2".

Time Recorders
Fast, accurate and automatic stamping on any form or letter. Simply insert the document for an instant time-date imprint. Metal wheels and die penetrate carbon forms.  Electronic versions also available that print date, time and optional consecutive numbers and customized comments.

  Number Stamps
Self-Inking Number Stamps
Mark forms, boxes, cartons, tags, etc. Bands are easily turned to desired number. Heavy-duty metal frames. Sizes up to 14 bands - 3/16" characters. Optional die plate allows you to add copy above and below the numbers.  

Numbering Machines
Ideal for serially numbering invoices, receipts, cheques, orders and many other everyday forms. Metal wheels easily mark carbon copies. Nine movements. Available in character sizes from 1/8" to 5/8" and 6 to 15 wheels.

Number Stamps
The economical answer to repetitive numbering operations. Chrome plated steel frames and deep molded rubber bands assure long life. Available in character sizes from 1/16" to 7/8" and from 2 to 21 bands.

Alphabet Stamps
Alphabet Stamps provide room for 28 characters on each band (A to Z or 0 to 9 - x2) ... in sizes up to 5/16" and 22 bands. Alpha-Numeral Stamps accomdate both A to Z and 0 to 9 on each band ... in sizes up to 3/16" and 22 bands.

Self-Inker Replacement Pads
Factory-inked pads provides thousands of additional impressions for your Self-Inkers. Available for over 362 models of Self-Inkers in 9 colours ... over 1400 pads in total.  

Office Stamp Pads & Ink
Fleece-covered felt stamp pads in a high impact plastic box ... 2 sizes ... 4 colours. Stamp Pad Ink is available in 9 colours ... black, red, blue, green, purple, brown, orange, pink, turquoise.

Industrial Stamp Pads & Ink
Stamp Pad System marks non-absorbent surfaces ... AND ... stay moist in use with it's rubber gasket and snap lock lid. Quick drying ink is available in 3 colours ... black, white and red.

 Additional Office Marking Products

Dates turn easily without opening die plate
Add your logo or message with ample writing area
Fast drying, permanent and water resistant
Character sizes from 3/32" to 5/16" ... up to 18 bands
Up to 3/16" characters... number and full alphabet bands
Accomodates date + up to 12 figure bands
Up to 4-1/25" x 2-1/2" die area + date
Highlight your copy with up  to 4 colours
Made from up to 80% post-consumer recycled plastic
Made from 50% minmum post-consumer recycled plastic
53 Self-Inkers - text and dater
53 Self-Inkers - text and daters
Our most economical pre-inked stamp ... 18 sizes
A gift that's useful and lasts for years
Traditional Wood Mount Rubber Stamps in 120 sizes
55 Self-Inkers - text and daters
33 Popular workings ... ready to go !
27 MaxStamp Self-Inkers / 13 PSI Self-Inkers
Our most popular AutoStamps

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