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Anodized Aluminum Nameplates

Colours and designs are permanently photoanodized into aluminum.  Will not peel, chip, flake or crack regardless of age.  Not a printed plate - lettering is sealed into the aluminum.  Resists solvents, gasoline, steam cleaning and abrasion.  

Etched Stainless Steel Nameplates

The ultimate in nameplate durability, stainless steel resists the worst wear and/or corrosive environments.  Copy is permanently etched and filled in black, red, blue or green.  

Etched Brass Nameplates

Made of solid brass, these traditional nameplates are virtually indestructible.  They are also highly corrosive resistant.  Copy is permanently etched and filled in black, red, blue or green.

Laser Engraved Aluminum Nameplates

Copy and design is permanently laser engraved into either clear or black anodized aluminum. Supplied complete with two mounting holes. Adhesive backing and round corners optional.

Lexan Nameplates

Made of 0.010" thick clear Lexan with a high gloss or velvet finish.  Graphics are sub-surface screen printed.  Clear windows, translucent graphics for backlighting and LED's are available.

Engraved Plastic Nameplates

Made of durable laminated plastic ... engraved copy ... 2 holes or adhesive back.  Use on control panels switch boxes or any custom installation where copy changes. Available in 19 colour combinations

Aluminum Foil Nameplates

Matte finish aluminum foil can be debossed using a ballpoint pen or typewriter, Great for tamper-resistant expiration dates, inspections, etc. Screen printed. Pressure-sensitive back.
Adhesive Vinyl Nameplates

Screen printed waterproof, weather resistant vinyl decals are easily applied ... the permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive mounts instantly. Vinyl colours: matte or gloss white, matte yellow or matte black.

Adhesive Mylar Nameplates

High quality screen printed adhesive decals for use indoors or outdoors.  Permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive, simply peel off split backing and apply. Mylar colours: gloss clear, silver or gold, matte silver, brushed aluminum.

   Metal Marking
Steel Hand Stamps
Made of carbon  tool steel ... will mark material up to 50 on the Rockwell C Scale.  Sharp face gothic characters. Crowned hammer ends. Also available in round face and dot design low strees.
Custom Steel Stamps
Careful and accurate engraving insures perfectly aligned, legible impressions of even depth. Ideal for marking soft metals to heavy metal mill billets and rolls.
Steel Type
Tempered for maximum endurance and nickel plated to resist rust. Impression is uniform in depth, spacing and alignment, yet can be rapidly changed. Available individually or in font sets.
Stamping Press
A great looking nameplate is your "silent salesperson" ... and the Nameplate Marking Press always provides an accurately aligned ... evenly spaced ... and uniformly deep impression.
Micro-Percussion Marking Press
Marking is based on making indents in the material using a vibrating tool ... will not weaken the material regardless of thickness. Marks all materials from plastic to stainless at speeds of up to 5 characters per second.
   Stencil Marking
Adjustable brass stencils from 1/2" to 6" in stock. Custom stencils made of oilboard, brass or mylar in sizes from 1" to 12" ... plus logos or designs.
Stencil Supplies
Fountain Stencil Rollers, Hand Stencil RollersStencil Brushes
Stencil Machines
Stencil cutting machines cut your shipping stencils with speed ease and accuracy.  
     Ink Marking
Rubber Type
A complete system for making your own imprinting copy.  Consists of self aligning rubber type and cushion base to form interlocking, interchangeable words.
Marking Inks
These general purpose marking inks will give a permanent mark on a wide variety of surfaces.
Inspection Stamps
UltiFast Pre-Inked Stamps mark on almost everything. The Ulti Fast Ink is fast drying and water resistant . . . perfect for marking glass, metals, wood, plastics, leather, fabric and coated paper.
   Other Marking Methods       
Engraving Materials
Engraving plastic plates ready to engrave.  Choose from 36 colour combinations.
Branding Irons
Brand your name and or logo into various mediums including wood, rubber, leather and plastics.  Depth of engraving will vary depending on the complexity of the design.
Card Punches
Individually hand made cast iron and tool steel, yet lightweight for use in quality control.
Security Seals
The Plastic Truck Seal is the most secure and reliable way to secure your trailer doors and transportation equipment. Because of its patented design, the Plastic Truck Seal is also the easiest to use and the strongest plastic trailer seal available.

   Additional Product Marking Products
Operates on a spring - actuation principle for perfect marks every time.
Marking system consisting of a rugged air cylinder with a built-in stamp holder.
A fast, simple and economical way to identify metal shelving.
deal for stamping repetitive sequences, the unit wheel is easily & quickly changed.
Made of a special grade of tool steel.
Identify parts which are large, heavy or in remote areas
Our Nameplate Release Program explained in detail.
Keeps the hammer a safe distance away from the fingers.

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